About Silpada Jewelry

Silpada Designs came to fruition in 1997 with the publishing of the two co-owners' first catalog.  Co-Founders Bonnie Kelly and Teresa Walsh along with their friends and prior customers joined them as independent Silpada reps to orchestrate the home parties they're so famous for!  They started as a "small at home basement business" prior to 1997, and have flourished to thousands of independent reps in the USA and Canada today!  

Silpada's own designers collaborate with world-renowned artisans from Israel, Thailand, China, Italy, Nepal, Indonesia, India, Mexico, USA, and other countries to create some of the most beautiful, captivating, and versatile wearable jewelry art you will find!  Their fashion forward and trend setting designs never go out of style and are very reasonably priced as compared to many other artisan jewelry designers!  Each piece of Silpada Designs jewelry is handcrafted by an average of 6 to eight highly skilled artisans from around the world. Each individual piece passes through up to 20 artisans during it's manufacturing process, making each and every piece uniquely its own. Nothing but the best materials are used to create their stunning designs that never go unnoticed!  Only the finest solid and pure "nickel free" .925 sterling silver is used in their silver designs, along with beautiful natural semi-precious stones, shimmering freshwater pearls, sparkling Swarovski crystals, cubic zirconia, 9k and 14k gold, brass, bronze, copper, genuine leather, shell, and other beautiful natural and man-made elements and embellishments, while maintaining the highest standards of impeccable and extraordinary craftsmanship. 

The "K & R Collection" was created in 2014 by the new Co-Presidents, Kelsey Perry and Ryane Delka who are the daughters of the original Co-Founders Bonnie Kelly and Teresa Walsh.  This beautiful contemporary fashion jewelry line features brass as it's base metal, and offers gorgeous trend setting fashion forward artisan designs!  Other embellishments included in these designs are Swarovski crystals, genuine leather, natural semi-precious stones, Precisoa Czech crystals, resin, glass pearls, .925 sterling silver, cubic zirconia, shell, and other beautiful natural and man-made materials.    

Every year Silpada retires designs from their catalogs to add new designs to their inventory.  Once Silpada retires a design, it is removed from their inventory forever, and can no longer be purchased from the company. 

All of our Silpada inventory is acquired from former, or active authorized Silpada reps, who are selling off their retired, sample/display jewelry, and is guaranteed to be 100% authentic!  Most pieces were used only for sample / display purposes, and are in perfect, like new condition!  Some pieces may be from a rep's private use collection and show wear, which is honestly disclosed in our product descriptions and photos. 

We clean and polish every piece of jewelry that comes into our inventory with nothing but the finest, "Made In The USA" non-toxic and environmentally friendly jewelry cleaning cloths. 

Prior to 2008 Silpada did not customarily hallmark all of their jewelry designs with their "arrowhead" logo.  Older designs may or may not have the hallmark on them, although the item may have still been available in catalogs published after 2008. This in no way indicates that a piece is not authentic Silpada - it only means that it is an unmarked piece, which is quite common with the majority of the older and rare Silpada collector's items.  Most of their newer designs are exclusively owned only by Silpada and do have their arrowhead logo stamped into the piece or have an attached sterling silver logo tag included with the jewelry design.

No two natural stones are alike or have the same markings, inclusions, or coloring, making each piece of jewelry uniquely its own!  Silpada Designs are mostly handcrafted by individual artisans, and may have slight unique differences from one piece to another. This trait of handcrafted artisan jewelry is also very common with some of the 100% sterling silver designs that aren't embellished with other stones or elements as well.  For this reason we individually photograph every item in our inventory, and do not use stock images. 

We guarantee that the photographs shown for each item is of the actual item you will receive, as our photos are an important component of the actual product description for each item.  We take great pride in providing accurate and honest descriptions for all of our items.  We use a zoom lens to clearly showcase details of each piece of jewelry, so please be sure to check the actual measurements of each item provided in the written description to ensure the size will be a good fit for you.  All rings are photographed on a ring sizing mandrel for finger sizing accuracy.  

Silpada ring sizes are offered in whole sizes 5 through 11 for the ladies, and mens sizes 9 through 12. If you're between sizes, it's recommended to upsize to the next whole size, similar to shoe fittings.  This is especially recommended with wide banded rings for greater comfort.  Although Silpada rings are designed in whole sizes, we quite often see rings that do not measure at the exact whole size.  This is due to the unique handcrafted artisan designs of each piece, and for this reason we always photograph our rings on a sizing mandrel to show the actual sizes.       


Silpada artisans use a darkening or antiquing, "Oxidation" process on several of their jewelry designs to showcase or enhance the details in  their designs.  This process is intentional and should not be confused with tarnish. 

Unlike polished silver that's very bright and shiny, matte finish is an intentional dulled or brushed look and will sometimes include oxidation in the design to enhance the details of the piece. 

Silpada also uses the unique process of “electroforming” to create bold designs that are light-weight and very comfortable to wear, versus large and heavy solid silver pieces that can be very uncomfortable and cumbersome. Fine nickel free .925 Sterling Silver is poured over a jewelry mold in layers until the desired design is achieved.  When the process is complete the piece is removed from the mold, leaving the inside of it hollow and light-weight.  Not only does this design method offer light-weight comfort, but it's also a cost effective way to own very popular, high fashion, bold statement designs, without paying more for the extra silver!

Please note that “Uptown Silver” is not affiliated with Silpada in any way, and their warranty is void for any items that were pre-owned by Silpada reps or anyone else. The Silpada warranty is valid for the first owner only. 

Also know that Silpada Designs would never offer such a great warranty for their jewelry if they didn’t guarantee it is of the highest quality possible!  Silpada ensures that their jewelry is crafted with nothing but the best materials, as well as contracting the skills of the most talented craftsmen in the world, in order to minimize the potential of having to use the warranty they offer!  With that being said, this speaks volumes about the quality of this fabulous line of artisan designer jewelry, and is one of the reasons why we love it so much!  The quality is second to none!  

 If you aren’t already a huge fan, we know you will be after you purchase your first piece of Silpada Designs handcrafted artisan jewelry!