About Artisan 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

Our solid nickel free .925 Sterling Silver "one of a kind" jewelry is designed and handcrafted by extremely talented and gifted artisans from all over the world who use a variety of beautiful natural gemstones, semi precious stones, Swarovski crystals, and some man made lab created elements in each of their beautiful creations. Only a small percentage of our jewelry items have lab created or man made stones.  Any stones that are not genuine are described as lab created, synthetic, man-made, etc, so there is no confusion.  

All of our jewelry is solid & pure 925 sterling silver and is not plated.  Plated silver jewelry is sold for much less as "costume" or "fashion" jewelry and over time peels away from the base metal it's applied to.  Only pure solid 925 sterling silver can be legally stamped with 925.  Pure solid 925 sterling silver jewelry can be passed on from generation to generation, and many generations to come due to it's long term durability!  Other metals such as brass, bronze, copper, or gold are included in our two-tone and three-tone artisan designs, and are plated over the 925 sterling silver.  

No two natural stones are alike or have the same markings, coloring, or inclusions, making each piece of handcrafted jewelry uniquely its own!  

All 92.5 sterling silver jewelry items are tested before they are permitted into our inventory to ensure they are solid 92.5 sterling silver!  Some of our local Cape Cod artisans who create one of a kind pieces do not stamp their designs with 925, however we do test these pieces to ensure they are 92.5 pure solid sterling silver.  While we prefer to work with artisans who stamp their pieces, we will sometimes make allowances for unstamped pieces, knowing someone would just absolutely love to own it!

We guarantee that the photographs shown for each item is of the actual jewelry you will receive.  Our photos are an important component of the actual product description for each item.  We use a zoom lens to clearly showcase details of each piece of jewelry, so please be sure to check the actual measurements provided in the item details to ensure the size will be a good fit for you.  

All rings are photographed on a jewelers ring sizer mandrel for accuracy.  It is recommended to upsize for wide banded rings for a more comfortable fit.

We take great pride in providing accurate and honest descriptions for all of our jewelry, but if we have left anything out that's important to you, please be sure to contact us at the bottom footer of any page and we will reply to you quickly.



Many artisans use a darkening or antiquing, "Oxidation" process on their jewelry to enhance the designs and details. This process is intentional and should not be confused with tarnish. 

Unlike polished silver that's very bright and shiny, matte finish is an intentional dulled or brushed look and will sometimes include oxidation in the design to enhance the details of the piece. 

Electroforming is used to create bold designs that are light-weight and very comfortable to wear, versus large and heavy solid silver pieces that can be very uncomfortable and cumbersome.  925 Sterling Silver is poured over a jewelry mold in layers until the desired design is achieved.  When the process is complete the piece is removed from the mold, leaving the inside of it hollow and light-weight.  Not only does this design method offer light-weight comfort, but it's also a cost effective way to own very popular, high fashion, bold statement designs, without paying more for the extra silver!